Dessert cakes
Pastries and cookies

Elite Patisserie and Café

We combine traditional recipes with modern confectionery trends.

Who are we?

Elite Patisserie and Café is a family business.
We offer top quality confectionery since 1990.

Our sweet passion

The secret is traditional recipes and best ingredients used at every stage of the production process. With hard work we have created a chain of brand patisseries and retail franchises. We are proud to offer not only excellent cakes and pies, but also our specialty – St. Martin’s croissants.


for the sophisticated palate

We offer a wide selection of delicious products such as traditional pies and confections, inimitable desserts, sandwiches and sweet treats. We serve our products fresh and flavorsome, with utmost care.


Dessert cakes

Cookies and confectionery

Traditional baked goods

St. Martin’s croissants


What makes us stand out?

All we do is with passion and love.

Our mission is to deliver finest taste and unforgettable gustatory sensations. We stand out thanks to traditional recipes, top-quality ingredients and baking artistry showing in every product.

Open your own Elite Patisserie and Café!

If you dream of running your own business in the confectionery industry, join our franchise model. What you get:

Experience from the professionals

Support in running the patisserie and café business

All to boost your business growth,  your satisfaction, and your profits.
Join our family and create sweet stories with Elite Patisserie and Café!
Let’s meet!

Let us have you – in our exceptional taste.

Drop by and pick your favorite sweet treat. Let our cakes and desserts spoil your palate and sweeten the moments spent with your loved ones.